Who We Are

It starts with one small step, thought, seed, idea; fashion with a conscience.

Reco Jeans is a fashion forward, eco-conscious denim label that caters to all lifestyles. Our primary aim is to make stylish, sophisticated jeans with a great fit, for all those looking for a quality pair of denim and a willingness to preserve our planet. Wearing Reco Jeans is effortless, as one should not have to sacrifice the planet or your wallet for style.

Our design and marketing teams are a collaborative bunch from all walks of life. We are all vigorously striving to invent and reinvent ourselves as individuals whilst maintaining one common goal. We will continue to combine our diverse ingenuity to create stylish & environmentally conscientious jeans.

Our story begins over twenty years ago in Asia, where two small boys grew up playing together in the factory their families worked in. To amuse themselves, they would use whatever scraps they could find to make all sorts of fantastical creations.

Years later, after much hard work, determination, and college, these same young boys, now men, had a brilliant idea; To take the same scraps they had played with as children and put them to a new use.

It took years of research and development, but in the end they had perfected the process of upcycling the scraps of fabric into new textiles to make designer, eco-friendly jeans.

Today, even though our operation has expanded to collect production scraps from many different factories, our jeans are still made in the same factory that the two young boys played in so many years ago.