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YRB Magazine

Volume 10, #202

YRB Magazine's 'Eco Issue' featured a full page review of Reco Jeans.

Coco Eco Magazine

Reco Jeans were featured on two separate pages for an Editorial spread in Coco Eco Magazine.

Girls Life Magazine

December/January 2011

Reco Jeans were featured as one of Girls Life Magazine's Holiday Hits, and a part of their holiday give away program.

Saturday Night Magazine

November 2009

Saturday Night Magazine Featured Reco Jeans for both Womens and Mens as must have jeans for the season!

Fashion Indie

April 2011

Fashion Indie's article highlighting their picks for eco-friendly high fashion. Reco Jeans is featured along side other Indie designers such as Simple Shoes, Sprout Watches and Allison Parris. Click for the full write up!


January 12, 2012

Reco Jeans was featured on TLC's How Stuff Works in their article "10 Closet Worthy Picks That Don't Look Recycled But Are", alongside other eco-friendly fashionista's such as Looptworks and Alkemie Jewelry. Click for the full write up!


July 15, 2009

"Good idea? Yes. Good marketing? Yes. But with 158.5 billion gallons of water and 1.3 million tons of chemicals being used each year in the making of our favorite item of clothing, I'm hoping this is a trend that will be here to stay."

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October 13, 2010

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Bio Magazine

December 2010

Bio Magazine Interview with Reco Jeans Designers Mark James and Melissa Santos.

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October 2010

Discovery is a name that is synonymous with environmental education, from their Cable Broadcast station to their global conservation efforts.

Reco Jeans is proud to have been featured on their online flagship site,, not just once but on several occasions. Check us out in this article that talks about how celebrity endorsements for green products can help business and the environment. Click for the full write up!

Nylon Magazine

July 2009

Nylon Magazine gave Reco Jeans a shout out on its website for its eco conscious designer denim.

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Perez Hilton

July 2009

Celebrity Gossip Queesn Perez Hilton featured Reco Jeans on his infamous website.

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